Alive and Kickin’

Hello people…

Just feeling a need to reactivate my old blogs…

I went to several tools, including my old Blogger blog but I found the tools either too simple or too complex to handle a Blog.

Under my general conception ( since I’m effectively online since 1996 every single day of my existance ), a Blog should be a simple, practical and fast content publishing tool to handle.

Since the mobile buzz (which dates back to 2005 at least for me), those publishing capabilities should be extended to mobile devices too, and yet, on those tiny microcomputers which we gently call phones on those days, the flexibility, agility and practicity of those so called “blog-engines” should be nothing less than smooth and fast.

Well, sorry for the prolixity (a.k.a. Verbosity), but as I’m posting from my iPhone now to test WordPress app, I need to write this little gospel here to “feel” the app.

I have choosed Worpress for it’s core technology (PHP / MySQL) as I am a developer and specialist in both of those technologies I found it will be easier to customize something (when I get some time for that in the near future), after all, we just need to edit the source 😉

I have activated effectively my first blog on mid-1999 through Blogger if I well record, years before Google acquired it. Since then, I strongly believed that this will be the future of communications, news and media, and well, this is happening!

Anyway, I think blogging engines still have lots to evolve and I expect to do a small part on it, developing some tools and mashing up with Twitter, Google Wave, Skype, and who knows what else… The world has become social… And we need to do a better work, as it is ours, of the developers and systems architects, the responsability of make things happen !

Thanks for your patience.

Ps: WordPress iPhone App is simplistic and kinda cool, but have lots to evolve and implement… perhaps I’ll talk about it some other time.


Comments on: "Alive and Kickin’" (1)

  1. yeap man, I totally agree with ya, these days all kinda communication is a valid form to express ourselvs… even though there´s a bunch of misplaced info out there, there´s much to be absorved!!!
    So, everytime you publish something here, send me a note, and ill gladly stop by!

    hugs, miss ya bro!!!

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